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Your life - Our focus

Patients need knowledge and tools to enhance quality of life. If patients get the help needed to discover new life purpose then the feeling of debilitation and loneliness that often comes along with chronic illness can be prevented.

Patient In Focus offers patients insightful knowledge and education.

Through counseling and a strong patient community, we can create life-changing purposes within the new living conditions as chronically ill, maintain some form of active involvement in society and thus enhance the joy of life. 

We want to help patients belive in themselves and their future.


Patient in focus with the ❤️ in the right place.

Patient In Focus was founded by 2 people who suffer from chronic illness, which has great influence in their everyday lives. This provides a unique basis for providing exceptional understanding and connecting with patients with chronic illness and disability.

We give you the tools needed so that YOU can make live a great life despite illness and disability.


Knowledge to improve quality of life despite illness and/or handicap. Education on counseling, rights, clinical research, healthy attitude and lifestyle, patient engagement, and the patient's responsibility in their own disease course. Made for patients by patients.

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A webinar patients and relatives, who lacks information about life with chronic illness and/or disability.

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Individual patients, relatives or supporters can advantageously become a member of Patient In Focus and gain opportunities in project involvement, course participation and other patient engagement benefits.


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Patient Education

Patients lack life-changing knowledge and tools that can improve the quality of life and joy of life despite chronic illness and disability. However, patient education is not available to the ordinary patient, who wants insight into user understanding, legislation, patient engagement, clinical research and medicine development. Help to self-help.



Patient In Focus was founded by patients who live with chronic illness. This provides a deeper foundation for understanding the challenges of everyday life of a patient with chronic illness or disability.