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Jubii - Danmark åbner op igen

Jubii - Danmark åbner op igen

Jubii - Danmark åbner op igen
Eller er vi egentlig så glade for det, hvis vi skal være helt ærlige?

Generalforsamling 2020

Patient In Focus holder Generalforsamling d. 8 februar 2020 kl. 10

Har du lysten til at deltag, skriv til This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Vi glæder os til at se dig til en spændende dag.  


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Patient In Focus

About us

Patient In Focus is a nonprofit organization that works for patients of patients. We create a natural respect for the organization by having properness as a point of reference, by being academically well-grounded and by communicating at eye level and being in dialogue with the Danes with honesty, presence and commitment.

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The heart in place

Patient in focus with the ❤️ in the right place. Patient In Focus was founded by 2 people who suffer from chronic illness, which has great influence in their everyday lives. This provides a unique basis for providing exceptional understanding and connecting with patients with chronic illness and disability.




It does not require anything to be Patient In Focus, and you decide how active you will be. It is about the fact that together we stand stronger and make a difference for all chronically ill. You can do this with us as a professional and organization


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