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In Denmark there are at least 1.9 million patients,¹ suffering from chronic disease, of which approx. 500,000 of them receive financial support.² Chronic illness can result in problems with getting everyday life connected. Many are forced to reduce or end their efforts in the labor market, and as the quality of life, the joy of life and the motivation are weakened, isolation, anxiety, and depression occur. It is a much bigger problem than is being talked about and a natural consequence of chronic disease.

Patient in Focus will prevent this.

Patient In Focus is a nonprofit organization that provides new quality of life for chronically ill patients and improves their living conditions. Patients need knowledge sharing and high quality tools with reliable and patient-friendly information to enhance quality of life. If patients get help finding purpose under the new living conditions through better understanding of their opportunities and rights, the disability and loneliness that is often included can be prevented.

Patient In Focus offers patient education and knowledge sharing. Through counseling and learning as well as a strong patient community, patients will be able to create value in their own disease course.

Patient In Focus provides chronically ill and disabled patient-friendly tools to improve the quality of life incl. everyday problems, loneliness and sex life and handle the legislation through high-quality patient education. This improves the quality of life of patients, based on self-help. Made of patients for patients to ensure understanding and authenticity.

The health professionals are busy helping you get the best treatment and understanding of disease management. Patient In Focus takes care of the entire patient and addresses the important issues that are all too often lost. Patient In Focus can create life-changing purposes in the new living conditions as chronically ill, maintaining a form of active involvement in society and thus enhancing the joy of life. We want to give patients faith in themselves and the future.

Thus we open the doors for better understanding, dialogue and opportunities to find happiness, well-being and life-purpose. Patients must believe in themselves and the future (again) and hopefully stay in the labor market despite illness.

Patient In Focus will introduce life-changing information, training opportunities and projects they would not otherwise have access to. They will give them faith in themselves, new happiness and life purpose. 

2 https://www.statistikbanken.dk/10037

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