Board of Directors

The Supervisory Board is the supreme decision-making authority in Patient In Focus and consists of two co-pre-women, a secretary and a cashier and up to six boardmeber.

The Board meets four times a year and prepares the political main lines, approves the budget and accounts as well as the co-head office and has the deciding authority over the association's articles of association.

See the Articles of Association here

The Board of Directors elects projects, committees, establishes budget, approves accounts and can regulate the Articles of Association for Patient In Focus as well as appoint the Executive Board for the day-to-day management.

Co-CEO, Charlotte Nørgaard 
Co-CEO, Lisbeth Oxholm Snede
Cashier, Hans-Henrik Døssing 
Secretary, Anne Mette Bergelius
Bordmember, Anni Mikkonen Hansen 
Bordmember, Mia Helsegrave
Bordmember, Thomas Hammer-Jakobsen 

Co-CEO stands for Patient In Focus's daily operation and represents the association. Co-CEO consists of two people. Co-CEO also prepares the meetings of the Board of Directors. Read about our two Co-CEOs & Co-women here.  

Nonprofit organization's setup can be found here.

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