In Patient In Focus we follow three values.

Those are Credibility, Respect and Involvement.



Being trustworthy is a common value in Patient In Focus and a central part of what we say and what we do.

Credibility is our greatest and most important asset that we cherish and maintain. We do this by working from a knowledge and evidence-based starting point with the ambition that Patient In Focus will give patients the belief in themselves and the future and improve conditions despite chronic illness. We are aware that credibility is a crucial prerequisite for the support and that we have succeeded in translating our attitudes and knowledge into actions.

We create a natural respect for the organization by having properness as a point of reference, by being professionally functioning and at the same time communicating at eye level about honesty, presence and commitment. We feel with the people we act on what is important to them.

We talk to both brain and heart and show our great commitment to the patients. For us, it is credibility to deliver results and visibly make a positive difference to those living with a chronic disease or disability.


Being respectful is a common value in Patient In Focus and a central part of what we say and what we do.

Patient In Focus meets all equally. We take up the more basic human strengths, increase patients' joy of life and value. We provide the framework for a way to address the concerns and problems that come with chronic or long-term illness and disability so that patients can get more out of their daily lives.

It is our goal that no one should stand alone in life with a chronic illness or disability.

We see the whole person behind the disease and respect the choices the person makes on their own. We make ourselves available with relevant offers, support and guidance and are the mouthpiece based on our knowledge of needs and challenges.

We respect the attitudes and expertise of others, and when someone comes up with constructive criticism or challenges our view of the world, we listen carefully to become wiser. We want everyone to get involved in the case, and together we can create even better and more sustainable results.

Being involved is a common value in Patient In Focus and a central part of what we say and what we do.

For Patient In Focus, involvement is a priority and an investment that helps us open to the ideas of others. We listen actively and use the good input we get.

Involvement increases the quality of our work and ensures that we focus on the most important challenges in the field of health and can put relevant in the right time and place. We allocate the necessary resources because we know that proper involvement provides value and helps us achieve the best possible results.

We invite patients and our members to get involved in their illness / disability, in the community, in projects desperately seeking their knowledge and even in the Patient In Focus policy. 

It must be easy to involve and engage in Patient In Focus, and we must be good at proactively and clearly telling how to contribute and gain influence, so that it is felt meaningful and rewarding to be part of an active community against involvement of patients.


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